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Nutritional - Antioxidants > Mega-H (Microhydrin) -Patrick Flanagan

Is this the Worlds most potent antioxidant?

Mega - H (Microhydrin) 60

      Mega-H (Microhydrin) 60 capsules 
Worlds most potent antioxidant? How to minimise free radical damage to the body as an extension to home milled grain, juices and Spirulina.
The priomordial antioxidant! Mega H consists of tiny molecular cages, five nanometers in diameter, made from a silica-mineral hydride complex with embedded H- ions. Once inside the body, it releases H- ions that are the most powerful known antioxidants; increases ATP production (energy); and reduces pain, swelling, and inflamation. As a dietary supplement, Mega H Silica Hydride provides powerful hydrogen ions (hydrides), that scavenges free radicals, including hydroxyl, peroxide, superoxide and singlet oxygen radical species. Additionally Mega H has demonstrated the ability to increase internal cellular energy (ATP and NADH) and metabolic activity.





Crystal Energy 120 ml

Used with Microhydrin, they are microclusters that reduce the surface tension of the water, when added in the form of drops. The wetter the water (less surface tension) the more likely the water will be able to transport the nutrients to the cells, or decreasing surface tension of the water, while increasing absorption of nutrients into the cells as they are naturally surrounded by water with a low surface tension. Nutrients that are closely bound by Microcluster silica colloids are easily carried to every cell in the body, these clusters surround nutrients with  a cage like protection. Water soluable organic nutrients are only soluable in water that has a surface tension below the critical surface tension of the substance, meaning that this substance cannot be wetted or delivered to the cells, if the tension is higher.
The quality of the water you drink has a profound effect on your health and well-being, and it is vitally important that your drinking water be the highest quality. Crystal Energy improves the quality of your drinking water providing benefits to your health, and works as a vehicle for nutrients and the elimination of toxins. This unique product is the result of decades of research in fluid dynamics and Dr. Flanagan's life quest to discover the secrets to living a long, healthy life. Crystal Energy is the liquid form of the life-changing discovery known as Microcluster Technology. It reduces the surface tension of your drinking water, making it a more efficient wetting agent. The ability of water to wet foods determines its ability to assist in the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins. The Flanagan Microclusters are tiny mineral clusters that act as microscopic transport vehicles, delivering nutrients directly into the cells.





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