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Lymphacisers, XenPod - RH48




RH48 XenPod - Very latest in technology



DIAGRAM SHOWING TRAPPED BLOOD PROTEIN            Why is this product different from others?

1) Life force from the heart                                        
2) 2 & 3 cells sodium potassium pump 
3) Start of lymph system 
4) lymph "one way valve". 
5) Edema, pain & stress 
6) Trapped plasma proteins. 


Did you know that...............ILL Health in the main is blocked blood protein.

 The body consists of approx. 85 trillion electric cells and health  is the condition of these cells and that we are an electric being.
 To create health we must learn what switches them on and what switches them off.
 Trapped blood protein can cause hardening of the arteries, arthritis,  fluid retention, blood pressure problems and many other disorders.
 A lack of oxygen in the body can cause cancer.
Here follows a testimonial:
My lymphaciser is one tool that I will never do without again, to me personally, I do not always stick to the program and exercises, as
explained in the video, and exercise booklet included, but I do do the very simple breathing exercises which help build up lung capacity
and re-oxygenates the blood. While I do this, the gentle bouncing also activates my lymph system, being the last thing I do in the evening
before retiring, I play some of the most harmonious music I can find, and to the tune of that music I allow my body to swing and turn in
any direction it wants, the experience is pure ecstasy, and during it, I think "there is nothing out there I am missing out on, how could
there be, if I feel so uplifted and alive in the moment", after some 10 to 20 minutes, I lay flat across the RH48 and do my meditation before
going to bed, it seems to be a natural extension of it, and somehow deepens the experience. Surely it must be one of the most intense
deep harmonising feelings one could get, the body is totally relaxed, the muscles are relaxed....and we are ready to drift off in bed,
ready for some dream travel.................

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