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Vac N Seal bags

Vacuum Sealing Kit - Manual Airlock Kit - Vac N Seal



The airLock is an environmentally friendly food vacuum sealer that fits in perfectly in your kitchen for every day use, plus excellent for caravan, camping, boating and traveling!

Using a manual hand pump (no batteries or electricity required) and totally re-usable vacuum bags, anyone can use the airLock vacuum sealer anywhere and anytime to vacuum seal fruits & vegetables, meats, fish and much more! Life time warranty on the pump and six months on the bags! (ORDER BAGS and PUMP Set alternative, ON LINK TOP LEFT)
3 small bags included with pump


The airLock keeps your food fresher for up to eight times longer and significantly reduces the impact on the environment compared to normal vacuum sealing machines with non re-usable bags, and these bags are DOUBLE zip lock, high grade with a silicon valve that can withstand high temperature


The airLock vacuum sealing system is fast and easy to use, portable, space saving and inexpensive. It will help to prevent food wastage and protects your foods from freezer burn and harmful bacteria.








USE IT when:

... refrigerating and/or freezing cheese, vegetables, (dried & semi-dried) fruits, meats, fish & other foods!

... storing cereals, flour, rice, peanuts, cookies, coffee, tea, sweets & bread!

... storing fishing bait!

... boating to keep your valuables (mobile phone, keyes, money, etc.) safe & waterproof!

... traveling to prevent your cosmetics from leaking in your luggage!

... defrosting & re-heating foods in the microwave


HOW TO re-use it:


1. Open up the bag by unsealing the zip-lock

2. Turn the bag inside out

3. Wash the bag out with hot soapy water or clean it in the dish-washer

4. Add white vinegar to prevent bad odors (if needed)

5. Dry bag with tea towel

6. Now it is ready to be re-used!




- Fast and easy

- Space saving

- Non-electric/no batteries required

- Daily use at home

- Kid‘s lunchbox

- Caravans and 4WDs

- Fishing, boating & Camping

- Keeps meats, fish, fruit and vegetables fresher up to 8 times longer

- Protects from freezer burn

- Protects from harmful bacteria

- Dishwasher proof

- Microwavable (additionally in boiling water)

- Product is Food Safe & does not contain BPA

- 6 months warranty on the bags

- lifetime warranty on the pump



CONTENT of the airLock Basic Kit:


- Manual handpump

- Sealing clip (a.k.a. doovalacky)

- 3 small vacuum bags (Dimensions: 200mm x 276mm)

- Information sheet







Vacuum Sealing (Lid) Kit - manual



Vacuum Lid Set includes:    (NOTE: This item is separate to the Pump and Seal above, as it is a different product, see two different shopping carts on right of screen)

1x Vacuum Lid Jumbo - Diameter: 20cm
2 x Vacuum Lid XL - Diameter 12.5cm
2 x Vacuum Lid L - Diameter 8cm
1 x Vacuum Pump
1 x Vacuum Wine Plug
1 x Vacuum Sealing large container - poly carbonate with both base and lid and rubber seal

This unit enables extended storage times for all those goods that you would normally have to throw away,
all you need is is a good quality open container or even a jam jar or glass, to vacuum seal all your goods.
When using jam jars, and you want to use these without our lids, then use only special tabs that cover a pin hole in your lid, we have optional extra tabs 20 cents each, which are reusable.

Wanting to vacuum seal that half empty bttle of wine, use the bottle stop included.






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