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 The need for Negative Hydrogen Ions by Clinton Howard   (some general information added)

Hydrogen is the “fuel of life.” It is essential to most biological processes in its atomic form, positive proton form or negative ion form. Hydrogen constitutes a third of carbohydrate food. It is common knowledge that Hydrogen protons create acidic foods, however, in the past, the presence of negative hydrogen ions in foods has received little notice. Today, the availability of negative hydrogen ions in foods, food supplements and water should become an important consideration in their nutritional evaluation, as water is the most important nutrient, and the wetter the water (less surface tension), the more likely the water will be able to transport nutrients to the cells.

Water is also a very valuable antioxidant, but most water consumed today is oxidising, as are some brands of bottled Springwater, due to a lack of negative charged hydrogen ions.

Today, it is possible to measure the presence of negative hydrogen ions in liquids with a small hand-held Redox meter. In the case of carrots, for instance, if we grind them into a juice, and measure the oxidation/reduction /potential (ORP), we find an absence of negative ions in regularly grown carrots, while organically grown varieties have a healthy amount of these. Testing also shows that raw vegetables have more negative hydrogen ions than cooked vegetables.

Tap water has a minimal amount of electrons, while distilled water has even more removed, as well as being very acidic. Energised water, while it is improved tap water, has no extra electron count, but does have formation of clusters.

In the absence of an adequate supply of negative hydrogen ions, intracellular function, intercellular communication and energy production are inhibited, toxins and free radicals accumulate and health deteriorates. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said “No electron moves in the living system unless it is accompanied by hydrogen.”

High levels of free radicals are a major cause of aging, as well as contributing to many acute and chronic diseases. A free radical is a toxic compound that has lost its negative charge by giving up an electron, produced in the body as a by-product of metabolic oxidation. It therefore carries a positive charge and is unstable. It is capable of attracting an electron away from a vital cellular site, such as the electron rich DNA. We are all deficient in negatively charged hydrogen, and, because of this endure much free radical damage within the body.

For more than 15 years, the Flanagans have been conducting research on the extremely small mineral colloids suspended in glacial drinking water collected from an area of the world where people historically live long lives with low incidence of disease. These small negatively charged colloids altered the characteristics of water, making it more compatible with body fluids, with: increased alkalinity, lowered surface tension, increased absorption of nutrients by the cells, increased removal of toxins, increased antioxidant activity in the water as measured by the Oxidation/Reduction-Potential. (ORP)

After years of research, they finally arrived at a process which succeeded in producing similar submicroscopic mineral colloids which they referred to as nanocolloids, utilizing food grade water soluble silica as the basic structure, and small amounts of fatty acids, magnesium and potassium. Each of these minerals are recognised as essential nutrients found commonly in many foods, and in dietary supplements. These spherically shaped molecular structures, which they named Flanagan microclusters, carry a negative charge. Since they repel each other, they remain in suspension even when shaken, frozen or boiled.

Because of the growing awareness of the importance of antioxidants in health care, the Flanagans saw, in their microcluster technology, a way to create a more potent antioxidant. They decided to use the smallest of all elements, the hydrogen atom. They developed a process to charge microclusters with negative hydrogen ions. They anticipated that the hydrogen would be stable as a dry powder, but would readily surrender the extra electron in the presence of fluids. They also knew that each molecule would have as much antioxidant power as the large, complex compounds described above, and the powder would be far more potent and concentrated than any other antioxidant.

The result is a pure white powder generically known as Flanagan hydrogen enhanced silica.

Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP) is a measure of the potential for a reaction to occur, or electron concentration and activity level. An ORP in the plus range indicates oxidation or the absence of energy, and an inability to perform additional chemical reactions.

An ORP in the negative range indicates presence of antioxidants or electrons, potential energy and the ability to generate additional chemical reactions.

The more negative the ORP the more electrons present (in relation to the number of protons), and the more energy available. When this hydrogen enhanced silica (Microhydrin) is taken, improvements in blood composition are apparent within 45 minutes, as it stops the aggregation of the red cells.

 Cellular Absorption and detoxification.

The water we drink from the tap differs substantially from the water which bathes the tissue and cells in our bodies. Tap water has a surface tension of approx. 73 dynes. The water around our cells has a surface tension of approx. 45 dynes. It is necessary, therefore, that the body reduce the surface tension of water we consume in order for nutrients to pass through cell walls, and for toxins to pass out of the cells.

A low surface tension in the extra-cellular fluids is also important in the removal of toxins from the cells and into venous blood for removal from the body.

Royal Body Care has a product called Crystal Energy that, when added in the form of drops to any liquid, will lower the surface tension in order to get the water to the cells of the body. This accelerates the detoxification effect that water would have, but note that fluoride as in untreated tapwater will destroy the negative hydrogen.

Dr. Batmanghelldj, who wrote the book, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”, suggests we drink 2 1/2 litres of water per day. Two glasses upon rising to help flush out the kidneys, at least 300ml 1/2 hour before any meals and not again until 2 1/2 hours after a meal. This is an important tool in assisting the body’s detoxification on taking the products. If we take sufficient water (2 1/2L) – the body will rehydrate and the urine will become clear.

He also recommends taking 1/2 a teaspoon of Celtic salt, as it is very mineral rich, and this ensures that the water stays outside the cell as sodium is needed to rehydrate the tissues.


Dr.Alex Carrel won the Nobel prize for demonstrating that living cells can be kept alive indefinitely.

Dr. Carrel said, “The cell is immortal; it is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as I know, the pulsation of life will go on forever”.

Consumption of organic foods is advised, i.e. fruits, vegetables, spirulina, otherwise, eventually the free radicals will build up again.

When the Mega-H capsule is opened and the powder is mixed with water or juice, it must be stirred with a plastic or wooden spoon, otherwise this would result in some loss of the negative hydrogen.

The addition to one’s diet of negative hydrogen ions, which are found to be especially high in organically grown vegetables, tends to affect the body fluids in a favourable manner.

It was found that by adding 1/2 teaspoon of good quality spirulina, the pH level improved and a much larger quantity of negatively charged hydrogen ions were then present. Also noted was the increased conductivity of the liquid – an optimal level is required for the exchange and communication between cells.

Adding the powder to water results in a huge increase in negatively charged hydrogen.

Disease organisms survive in a specific environment, limited as to pH and ORP. However, human cells can survive in pH and ORP ranges outside that area. The purpose of oxygen or ozone therapy is to raise the ORP millivolts to levels at which disease organisms cannot survive. However, this form of treatment generates large amounts of free radicals by removing the negative hydrogen.

Many producers of natural springwater use ozone treatment prior to bottling as an antibacterial measure required by the Health Dept. Increasing negative hydrogen ions in the body fluids by the intake of foods or supplements high in electrons, tend to move those fluids towards an ORP and pH in a range consistent with good health.

In summary, the two products mentioned here are: (prices include gst)

 Mega Hydrate, which is negatively charged hydrogen powder, the world’s most potent antioxidant. (with micro-clusters)1 capsule = 10,000 glasses of freshly squeezed organic orange juice! (in electron count)

Crystal Energy, which are drops or Microclusters that can be added to any liquids taken, to decrease surface tension and increase absorption of nutrients into the cells. (These clusters surround nutrients with a cage like protection.)