Survival Ark Mill Supreme – grain mills


Also known as “Wonder Mill De luxe Supreme” but the very same mill, but now totally upgraded, now becoming The Miracle Mill with multiple functions, all in one.
There have been price hikes due to freight changes world wide
, so freight to Australia increases.
All units are now in stock, though in limited quantities, as there are many back orders to fill. NOW ALL IN DARK RED

Now includes all the extras like drill adapter, a gear drive for the auger, cleaning brush, grains deflector, interchangeable Augers, a new modified locking device for the front stone or burrs and of course the interchangeable stones to burrs.
A very practical low cost manual unit with a minimum of moving parts, that has brass bearings to enable it to be motorised. See page on motorisation.

Manual grain mills with both stones & burrs, allowing the unit to be used also for oily grains like sunflour, linseed, sesame and generally porridge meals

A very practical low cost manual unit with a minimun of moving parts, that has brass bearings to enable it to be motorised, or even driven by a slow turning juicer
Also a survival tool.   See page on motorisation.

This unit comes with both stone and burrs enabling it to mill all grains, moist and dry, either coarse or fine, using the adjustment knob. .
The unit is the perfect survival tool, manual operation for all grains, moist and dry.

It can be fixed to the side of a table or on a bench with its own clamp, or it can be bolted straight on to a flat surface with 4 bolts.
This particular model has a clamp that opens up to 60mm, very practical and unusual for most clamping systems and suited for travel as well, being so compact.

#1 The Auger has been completely redesigned to increase the output of flour per minute. With this new auger the Survival Ark will produce over 1 1/4 cups of bread flour in 1 minute (80 turns).
#2 Drill adapter which allows you to connect to an electric drill now included.
#3 The improved Auger can now produce nut butter.

#4 The Survival Ark now includes The Flour Guide in the box complete with cleaning brush.     SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFO

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