Universal Grain Mill

Master Chef Model No.500

Grain – Corn – cereal Mill – coffee – nuts – soyabeans

This grain mill is a good general purpose workhorse, made from solid cast iron, using steel cutters, to grind down most things and to do a large variety of tasks, as well as legumes, nuts, sesame, sunflower, linseed, almonds and also minced dried fruits. For the more finer flours for breadmaking, we recommend the Survival Ark Mill with stones for best results. Stones create the finest flours.
Similar mills are often used by Health Food shops to grind a linseed, sunflower kernals and almonds into a LSA mix for retail customers

Also used by vegans on special diets as outlined by the Creative Health Institute in Brisbane, Australia. in their very informative and well written book on diet, nutrition and food combinations: Open Sesame, by Grant Woolven, an Ayurvedic Naturopath and Yoga Chi Gung teacher, the book is available at the institute for $49, Ph. 61-(0)7 3369 2559 to order.

This unit can also be used to grind down herbs into smaller particles, making them suitable to further break them down if required in a stone mill. This process requires either one mill or both, depending on the herb, to break down the herbs into the more finer particles. Now supplied with built in clamp down to bench.

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Specification for Universal Grain Mill:

*Grinding corn,multi grain for better health breads and flavor enhancing recipes.
(Note that this unit, like other  similar  units, does not do the finest of flours, but a mixture of coarse and fine.)
*Special grind corn breads
*Special mixed flavour coffee grinds
*Nut butters, spreads and mixes
*Herb seeds, cinnamon poppy, peppers, etc.
*Heavy duty cast iron construction, tinned for rust resistance, grinds a pound of grain per minute.

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