Angel Juicer – stainless steel

MODEL NO 5500 
This is the ultimate juicer, and all in stainless steel!!
The only Twin Gear system that gives maximum juice output, leaving ALL other Twin Gear systems behind, while doing this at lower speed with less noise!
The only seed juice extractor in the world. WE ALSO SELL ALL SPARE PARTS
The Angel Juicer exerts a 3 Horsepower force on the produce when grinding it and operates at just 86 RPM.
This means that maximum nutrition extraction is achieved without the loss of nutrients and enzymes due to heat / friction.


The reason the Angel juicer is for sale is the owner, being an elderly lady is frail and finds the Angel juicer too heavy for her to move.
The accessories such as the juicing screen/hopper, the twin gears and all the other accessories are good as new

We are helping her (Elizabeth) put her juicer for sale online and therefore please contact her directly to negotiate the price of $1445 with her. (Sydney) Phone: 02 8745 0078 ………….. email address: [email protected]

 Price includes Brand New (Has not been used) Nut grinding extractor/housing (Price$350)

  The other parts & accessories such as juicing twin gears, juicing screen, stainless steel juice container have only been used once. This elderly lady is very frail and she did not know that the Angel juicer is to heavy for her and she is unable to handle it.


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The Angel  Juicer is one of the easiest twin gear juicers to use and clean.
There are only 4 juicing parts and it does not require any additional attachments or adjustments for the efficient juicing of fruits and vegetables.

The Angel Juicer also removes 95% of pesticides on the surface of Fruit and Vegetables, it does this by binding them to the to waste pulp fibre.

In more serious conditions, we recommend this juicer to be amongst the best possible to retrieve the absolute maximum of enzymes and nutrition.
We juiced 1 kg of carrots and extracted 750 ml of carrot juice. For those that want the best, and with less produce to purchase, this is your juicer.
5 years on the motor and new upgraded circuit board and 1 year on the parts…..excluding the silicon seal.

Optional Extra Nut Butter Maker Assembly $355 - Only available in standard st/steel, and the st/steel bowl is $49.95 Replacement gears $375.

According to feedback from those that have owned the very expensive Norwalk selling from $4000 – $6500, it is without doubt that this unit comes very close to it, without the problems encountered with the Norwalk, like bags bursting and splashing up as high as the ceiling!
We consider this unit to be the preferred juicer, that compresses most while still being easy to clean.

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