pH Test Kit

Ocean Milk® pH Litmus Paper Test Kit –  5 metre roll with Pocket Dispenser

High Quality: Tests 5.5 – 8.0pH in 0.2 increments

With this simple self-indicator tool, you can test the bio-chemical impact of your diet and lifestyle in only ten seconds using pH paper.

pH means the “potential hydrogen” and the pH scale covers a range of 0-14 with 7 being neutral. All figures above 7 are alkaline while all figures below 7 are acidic.



Acid Alkaline pH Scale
Saliva pH indicates the activity of your digestive enzymes. Enzymes operate within a narrow range outside of this they become sluggish or inactive.

  • Test saliva 2 hours before or after eating.
  • Draw saliva up from under the tongue, swallow and repeat.
  • Wet litmus paper and compare color with numerical value.
  • Optimum saliva pH is between 6.8 and 7.4

Urine pH is directly related to both tissue oxygen levels and soft tissue levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. These minerals are the basic currency of exchange for literally every cell in your body. Acid urine shows the body eliminating acid residues.

  • Collect urine sample.
  • Wet litmus paper and compare colour with numerical value.
  • A pH below 6.0 indicates an extreme state of acidity.
  • A normal urine pH of a person in good health is first morning between 6.4 and 7.0, then 7.0-7.4 throughout the rest of the day.

Remember, each increase of 0.1 in urine pH means a 10 fold increase in tissue oxygen. So if you start with a pH of 5.5 for example, and shift to 7.0, it would indicate a 150 fold increase in tissue oxygen.

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