Divine Counter top Water Distiller HS MK3

Divine Counter Top MK3 CT HS Water Distiller – Full Stainless Steel inner chamber with separate outer layer in Stainless Steel or white cover.
Note: Now with one viewing monitor globe, not 2 as shown in the picture at the right.

Fast speed like the next model MK2 with stronger fan and now supplied with stainless steel spout!

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This New improved Divine Counter Top Water Distiller with thicker stainless steel boiling chamber, is easy to use and clean.
Faster distilling speed approx. 4 L of water every 3.5 hours with 750 watt element.

This improved model called Divine Counter Top is made by another factory with the improvements as listed below, as a comparison to existing models on the market today.

Older Standard Model selling under different brand names for $250 to $299:

Widest part of Diameter: 23 cm
Height: 36 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Single Inner and outer stainless Steel boiling chamber & underlid – metal and or powder coated – may have some rust spots after months of usage, as per feedback from customers.
580W very slow takes 5.5hrs to make about 4 lit water.
12 months warranty (due to boiling chamber considerations)

New Divine Counter Top:

*Widest part of Diameter: 24 cm
*Height: 38 cm
*Weight: 3.5 kg
*The  St/ Steel boiling chamber & underlid is covered by a second separate external poly carbonate  layer. (not included in previous model above) And now with a st/steel nozzle for pouring, and the quality of the boiler is not so much the thickness as is the quality of the stainless steel used.
*750W whopping fast, takes only 4 hrs to make about 3.5 litres water, due to a faster and more durable fan.
*1 year warranty including boiler chamber.        

Optional Accessories and Supplies

Natural coconut shell carbon post filters – new st/steel nozzle spouts need carbon tea bags (6-pak) – see accessories listing top of page to order extra carbon to last up to 18 months. (Usually 2-3 months each)
Four litre storage bottle, made of polycarbonate.
Steel Kleen cleaning solution – see accessories page if ordering extra
Supplied with sample of Steel Kleen and 4x carbon filters, each lasting 2-3 months.
More details regarding replacement parts, like filters and cleaning, please go to accessories.


Additional information

Weight 7 kg