Smart EC Conductivity Meter SM-301

Measures parts per million of total dissolved solids, but in microS/cm, as would occur in tap water which has many dissolved solids, due to additives etc.

SM 301 Standard Meter




Range: 10 – 1990 uS/cm
(or more sensitive model SM-302,  0 – 10.0 mS/cm for specialised applications, same price)
Resolution: 10 uS/cm  (Model SM-302 has resolution of 0.1 mS/cm)
Accuracy: + or – 2% full scale
Calibration: manual 1 point
Battery life: 1x 9 V battery / 300 hours
Environment: 0 – 50 degrees C / 95% RH Max
Dimensions: 80x145x35mm

Electrode cleaning solution included 15ml, or purchase extra 185ml for $7.50, max 6 month shelf life, order manually

As an alternative to the above meter, which shows readings in microS/cm, the more accurate calibration type, we also have available meters that read in parts per million, the standard US measuring system, with a slightly more coarse calibration. (PPM)

SM-401: For lower readings on the scale, from 10 – 1990 PPM, being more accurate for the lower range.

SM-402  For all readings over the whole scale, up to 10,000 PPM , more suited to bore water & hydroponics, calibrated in g/l  range:  0 – 10 g/l  (1 g/l = 1000 PPM)

To purchase one of these models, simply select the standard model (same price) and put under special instructions, the model number you require.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg