Smart SM500 ORP meter

This unit could well be the most important of meters, as it measures antioxidant activity in the liquid and gives a true indication of what it does to the body.
Increased presence of negatively charged hydrogen ions in any liquid for consumption, makes it beneficial to health and well being, see Microhydrin under nutritional formulations. In the absence of an adequate supply of these, intracellular function, communication and energy production are inhibited, toxins and free radicals accumulate and health deteriates. Tap water has minimal quantity, while fresh juices and real spring water, would have an abundance.




Adding spirulina powder to tap water makes it an antioxidant. Comes with external platinum electrode and 9 volt battery and is pre-calibrated, requiring only cleansing solution for electrodes included.
Cleansing solution can be replaced by soapy water solution plus small brush

Range: + or – 1000 mV
Resolution: 1 mV
Accuracy: + or – 5 mV
Battery: 9 volt, 300 hours of use.
Environment: 0 – 50 degrees C/95% RH Max
Dimensions: 80x145x35mm

This unit can also be used to measure Chlorine levels in water, as it measures increased oxidising activity when chlorine is added, this gives a higher reading on the scale, while the water increases it’s ability to kill microorganisms..A primary advantage of this is that it provides the operator with a rapid and single valued assessment of
the sanitising activity in the water. Studies have shown that an ORP value of 650 mv or greater indicates that there is enough oxidising activity to kill most bacteria and viruses in seconds.

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Weight 2 kg