Miracle 11 Soap Information Sheet

Miracle II Products

These products replace all other products you currently use in the Kitchen, laundry, toilet, bathroom….and even your toothpaste! While at the same time, they help to repair the earth. No more chemicals down the drain, and a healthier body as a bonus.
· for all your personal care, bathing, showering and body treatments
· for cleaning and sanitizing the home, office or factory
· for our farms, pets and animals

Miracle 11 Concentrated and/or Moisturizing Soap
BATHING comes first for maximum benefits of all Miracle II products. Bathe a minimum of half an hour 3 times a week for the first two weeks for maximum benefit and have at least 1 bath a week after that. Add a small capful of concentrated or moisturizing soap and Neutralizer liquid as the bath is filled ..Feel the energizing, cleansing, healing effects as the 7million pores of your skin are opened up and revitalized. After the very first bath you may even want to leave the water overnight to check out what comes out of the body. For those who cannot take a bath or don’t have a bath tub, then at least a FOOT BATH similar to the above and still sponge your body if you can with the soap and leave on. People still getting wonderful results even after their footbaths.

SHOWERING use only the Miracle II soaps Wash your hair with either soap …hair will shine and no more hair loss for others. Always spray yourself after a shower with Neutralizer Liquid where needed and to freshen up. Particularly spray under your arms and then apply the Miracle II Deodorant Stone. The Deodorant works all day and night and no chemicals. Don’t towel off if possible in all the above applications. Let the soap(s) absorb into the skin and apply Neutralizer gel or Skin Moisturizer on your feet after every shower, bath or foot bath to sooth tired feet and revitalize the 8,000 feet nerve endings …great healing and detoxifying benefit as well.
Note: If you use only Miracle II in the shower or bath there will never be a need to clean them again. Tip what is in either bath or shower into the toilets, wash the floors, the tiles, windows.. They will be disinfected and sanitized. Pour water onto your plants and garden they will be fertilized naturally.

Miracle II concentrated/ moisturizing soap is great as a HAND WASH too. Use ¼ to 1/3 soap to water in a SOAP DISPENSER….Place dispensers all over the home.-kitchen, bathrooms toilets, laundry, garage, shed …dispenses beautifully for soft, hygienically clean hands. Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid’s purest natural and organic base means it is safe to take internally. 7 drops or a teaspoon of Neutralizer Liquid each morning and night in your tea, fruit juice or pure water or straight You get seven wonderful minerals and herbs plus it neutralizes acids, aids digestion and gives a gentle internal cleansing. VEGETABLES, FRUIT- Spray Neutralizer Liquid on raw fruits like peaches, pears, and on tomatoes to be eaten for purity. It even makes them last a lot longer.

Miracle 11 Neutralizer Gel..
Apply where and when you need to address specific skin problems-warts, moles, cuts, sores, scars and sunspots. Put it on your
sprains and injuries for a faster recovery MASSAGE neck, back, tired feet, all aches and pains and arthritis ..great way to relieve pain Clean your TEETH with it and add 2 drops of Miracle Concentrated soap. No more teeth or gum decay. Swallow in part .It works likes the Liquid, .It will refresh and cleanse the throat to the top of the stomach.

Miracle II Skin Moisturizer
SOFTENS SKIN,WRINKLES,CELLULITE- and can be used in exactly the same way as Neutralizer Gel but not internally as it has special natural oils and nutrients to …great before and /or removing makeup too ..Neutralizer Gel and Skin Moisturizer are great for ALL types of burns and sunburn. FLYING- Some other uses…before and after a long air flight take a Miracle II bath then apply Neutralizer Gel or Skin Moisturizer all over the body….it will help remove the effects of radiation and jet lag.

Miracle II all purpose Miracle II concentrated soap for every cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing job inside and outside the home….
never has a product offered so much. Miracle 11 Concentrated Soap ….use for cleaning anything and everything ..there is no job too big or too small for Miracle II Simply dilute as required for light, medium or heavy cleaning jobs. Like all Miracle II products the Concentrated soap is super concentrated ….a little goes a long way. WASH, SOAK VEGETABLES, GREENS in mix of 5-7 drops of concentrated soap in sink full of water . Removes bugs, parasites, neutralizes insecticide and chemical residues from crop spraying .

Make up as a cleaning trigger product (add 50 ml of conc soap,50 ml of neutralizer liquid to water in a 500 ml trigger bottle (acts also as a great pre-wash on those stains which are hard to get out in the wash By adding Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid to the concentrated soap in ANY combination to water they become a powerful personal cleanser and /or cleaning agent and even works as an Insecticide….

RAIN WATER TANKS add Neutralizer Liquid to your rain water tanks (so generally ‘acid rained’ water in these times). Add a few drops of soap as required . Although all Miracle II products are homeopathic you may need larger dosages dependent on the size of your tank … a P.H balance test to assess ph levels until your water is ph balanced.(don’t forget to check your fridge/ jug water too).

An incredible product with so many uses, guaranteed a minimum of three years. The electromagnetic energy of the enclosed Miracle II Neutralizer and Soap plus the 209 spikes do the job. Will cost you only $2.50 per month to wash and that is for three years after that it’s FREE! No more washing powders nor fabric softeners. For the hardest to get out stains you may need to pre soak in Miracle II soap For extra whitening use two capfuls of Neutralizer Liquid in the wash -thousands of satisfied customers.
It also acts as a great THERAPEUTIC BALL, Massage the head ,tired hands and feet ,limbs (apply Neutralizer Gel beforehand) Put in the bath with the Soap and Neutralizer you will find it empowers them. People have said in a total Miracle II home all effluent and sewerage that goes into septic tanks have little or no odours and no grey water. The Laundry ball impacts here too-a wonderful gift for our Earth.

Miracle II products work equally as well with pets and animals They can take them internally,. Wash pets in a little soap in water no ticks and fleas Spray their eyes, mouth, ears with Neutralizer.If poisoned/bitten administer the Neutralizer internally, apply the gel externally. Add a few drops Neutralizer in the fish tank. Put Neutralizer gel on your pets sores, sprains and injuries…wonderful healing for feet and horses hooves. Add a few drops of Soap or Neutralizer in their drinking water and that includes the Bird Bath. Proportion to the size and weight of the pet or animal you are giving or treating … will be amazed how all animals intuitively take to Miracle II ands some love the soap even more than the Neutralizer liquid in their water and always give and apply with Love to your pets and animals.

Miracle II is doing wonders for our lands too-Improved crops with improved nutritional value are being achieved in agriculture at minimum cost and with very positive results for our environment, no soil erosion and no Insecticides nor Pest Control needed. Basically on new soil step1) mix 40 ml Concentrated soap with 40 ml Neutralizer liquid in 80 litre of water will suffice for spraying one acre of land. Step2) At 7-8 inch high crop do again. Step3) At formula feed time add 80 ml of Neutralizer liquid (no soap) per 80 litres of water. Step 4) Repeat step1 again for Insect and Pest control later on request) .For smaller areas proportion accordingly.

MIRACLE II – Incredible savings for your home, land and domestic budget
All over the world people are saying that Miracle II products are saving them a fortune on health, personal care, home, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing products, insecticides and repellents ,animal and horticultural products and doing it safely and environmentally. Plus they are getting wonderful results at the same time. We cannot promise you anything but having said that the sky is the limit with Miracle II ….you need no other products in your home or property!!!

Miracle 11 Products disclaimer
All information contained in this document including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional or any information contained on or in any product packaging or labels. You should not use the information contained on the side for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease or prescribing any medication. You should carefully read all information provided by the manufacturers of the products on or in the product packaging and labels before using any product purchased . You should always consult your physician and medical advisors. Information and statements containing regarding Miracle 11 Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any claims concerning the effectiveness of the Miracle 11 products are limited to the experiences of the person(s) or group of persons making such claim.
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