Grain Mills and Grain Crackers

Waldner Biotech Domestic Grain Mills, are the latest additional grain mills and grain flakers added and represent some of the best domestic grain mills in the world, the timber used is sustainably grown in Europe and offers anti bacterial properties, while the mill stones are self sharpening and are high grade corundum/ceramic.
The range includes grain milling, grain cracking and grain flaking as in rolling your own oats.

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The GrainMaster Whisper Mill also known as Wonder Mill: Electric model that can grind 1 lb of grain in 45 seconds without overheating the grain which usually occurs in commercial milling, a LIFETIME warranty included for parts and faulty workmanship. The company offers a service fee of $75 if needed after many years of operation.
Does not do moist grains like sunflower seeds, linseed, sesame seed, these require steel burrs as can be used with the Little Ark. (Survival Grain Mill as listed)
This model is appealing and fits in well with the kitchen decor, and is designed to operate for very short periods, while giving maximum flour output. See article on scones, mill your grain and bake your scones in 30 minutes!

The Universal Mill: manual version cast iron model that can do both moist and dry grains with the same grinder. An indispensable utensil in the natural food kitchen for grains, nuts, legumes, all seeds, sunflower, sesame, and also minces dried fruits. Used by Health Food shops to mill grain. Not suitable for finest flour for bread making, unless the grinding faces are milled down. Also used to crack animal grain in farming applications.

Small and Large Farm Grain Mills and Grain Crackers, Novatel Brand from Italy.
Detailed information regarding the difference between the grain crackers, being the

All three machines are hammer mills, that all can produce flour or cracked grain for feed.
The Davide and Golia are basically the same machine, the Golia has a slightly bigger hopper and a 1hp motor as opposed to the Davide’s 3/4 hp motor.

We also provide the 1mm sieve as standard with the Golia so it can do the fine flour.
The Bravo has a 1.5hp motor and has the hardened steel blades. These hammer blades are also flexible in the Bravo so they bounce a little off the product and thus reducing the amount of flour/dust produced on each hit, while the other models, Davide and Golia, produce a high percentage of dust.

The Bravo is the only one for Lupins as they need the hardened blades, but at the end of the day, if you put a 1mm sieve in the Bravo you can get fine flour/dust out of it as well as either of the smaller machines.
The Davide is more suited for small farm / household work, making poultry or pig food in smaller quantities.

The Golia grain Mill is mostly sold for semi-commercial use for everything from flour making to crushing woody herbs to make teas. It can be used for just cracking grains with a larger sieve in place.
The Bravo tends to go to people wanting to do a fair bit of work or with specialized requirements such as Lupins, Bone, harder other products or for Horse stables and the like who want as little flour/dust as possible.
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