Centrifugal Juicers versus slow turning Juicers – fact not fiction

There is good reason to prefer the latter, centrifugal types have very small motors that spin at very high speed, anything from 4000 to 10,000 rpm, compared to Samson, Lexen, LexSun and Angel that have very large motors that turn very slowly, releasing a maximum of antioxidants and enzymes, at only 80 rpm.

Our manual juicers when turned by hand revolve at about 50 rpm, as a comparison.

According to Ross Horne, in his book “Cancer Proof your Body”, the famous cancer therapist, Dr Gerson, recommended the use of larger quantities of freshly squeezed juice to overcome serious health conditions.
Dr Gerson had testimonials from some of his patients that confirmed that no improvements were noted in their health after using centrifugal type juicers for up to 8 months! As soon as these patients changed over to slower turning type juicers, they experienced a major improvement in health.
Dr Gerson insisted that from past experience, a slower turning juicer was the very foundation of the success of his cures.

We also note that most single auger electric juicer assemblies like Samson, will fit onto our all new manual drive unit, please apply for information. This means you can have the advantages of both manual and electric, while purchasing only one juicing assembly.

We often are asked: Yes, but how quickly do these slow turning juicers produce juice compared to my existing Breville or National?
The answer is: Maybe not a lot of difference, but one will more likely create an environment to help the body heal itself, while the other is questionable, releasing far less anti-oxidants.  Assist healing in the body, build up your immune system.  For the more serious conditions, there is only one juicer, The Angel which gives more juice volume and a higher level of nutritional support.