Which Juicer

This is a comparison between available juicers in Australia, so which juicer

Healhy Juicer (poly)
This light, durable and compact polycarbonate juicer will do most fruits and vegetables and in particular, wheatgrass. It is very good value for money as it comes with a strong suction base that is rated up to 50kg of suction power, and the latest Mk3 also comes with an additional stainless steel clamp for backup grip or clamp grip only. It comes with 3 years warranty.

Handy Juicer (poly)
Again a similar unit to above, only larger in size, and with a barrel strainer, the juice extracting part is same design as the electric Samson, Oscar etc. a proven juice extraction assembly. Again, you do need a smooth surface as above, suction clamp only. 12 months warranty
The handle is only short on this model and carrots do need more effort than normal, but the inbuilt gearbox makes most juicing easier.

Stainless manual/GrassSqueezer
Juices wheatgrass and leafy greens best. Worm wheel press action, or triturating. (As per Dr. Walkers reference to cold pressing, leaving a maximum amount of antioxidants) Most high speed commercial juicers are centrifugal, which does much damage to the fibre, and oxidisation occurs, apparent when the juice goes brown. 200mg of wheatgrass gives approx 126ml of juice. 3 years warranty

Stainless manual BL-27
Similar to Back to Basics type sj-27, will extract juice from wheatgrass, and all leafy greens, easy to maintain with above action, will not rust, will last a lifetime.
Produce must be pushed in with pusher. Also not for hard vegetables. 200 mg of wheatgrass gave approx 126ml of juice
Standard juicer used world wide. Grade 304 st/steel. 5 years warranty all parts .

Vegie Squeezer – The very best our manual juicers..and made in Australia, with some imported parts, the actual body is made locally.
A pleasure to use, as it stands amongst the best, using the well proven extraction system similar to Samson single auger electric juicers.3 Year warranty.

Electric LexSun Juicer ……no longer sold, factory closed down (Auger type extraction, simulated cold press action) The very latest juicer on the market, some say the very best up to date, August 2006, as it extracts more juice from carrots and beetroot, considered to be the most difficult to juice.
Also excells with sloppy type produce like watermelon, pineapple and oranges, that block most juicers faster.

Greenpower Juicer with 2 sets of st/steel gears, 100 Watts, but geared to increase power to 1/4 HP, triturating action, this juicer has been found to be very efficient and performs well.
10 years warranty on motor and body! They do hard root vegetables very well. Some complain about excessive parts and that it switches off after 15 minutes running, if doing huge amounts of juice, it then needs to rest for 20 minutes. On the positive side, this juicer has included, vegetable juicing screen, fruit juicing screen, nutbutter blank screen.

Angel Juicer is without doubt the very best of the lot, coming close to the Norwalk Juicer which sells for many thousands of dollars.
This unit is the dream of regular juicers, as it turns slower, is quieter with less noise, is easy to clean and put back together again, and all this with the largest motor of all, being 3 HP.
Buying organic is important, so with this juicer we extract the very maximum of enzymes and nutrition without wasting produce. With any serious condition, this is the juicer we would recommend, in that the juice extracted will be most potent. And not many parts to disassemble!
And running time for large quantities is 30 minutes, before it needs a break.
Most feedback is that it is the most economical juicer to use long term, as there are no parts to break.

The standard Angel 5500 as standard comes with a vegetable juicing screen only, which does do most fruits as well, but not lots of very mussy fruits like oranges, pineapples etc.

Optional extra if you do a lot of one thing:
Fruit juicing screen and nutbutter blank screen, which then replaces the whole front end of the juicer, and these do not break as is the case with lower priced juicers.
This should be the last juicer you purchase, being solid and strong and having a very long service life.