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Health in today’s world is something that is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, life can  only come from life, and a major part of our diet in this fast world, is dead or processed food, with a
very low content of antioxidants and enzymes, and so drinking ‘structured healthy water’ and milling your own grain into flour with grain mills and making your own fresh juice becomes a priority.

Dr. Norman Walker, known as the leading expert in the field of raw juice therapy, cured himself of a terminal illness, and then lived on to 109 years of age. After that he went on to write many books on health and longevity, emphasizing on the importance of drinking large quantities of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, from specialized slow turning juicers such as Lexsun and Angel.
We  now know he was simply drinking  a lot of Hexagonal ‘structured or naturally Ionized water’ found inside leafy greens and raw vegetables, actually very similar to content of hydrogen water or gas.
See FRESH Juices  – from slow turning juicers
He also focused most of his attention on the importance of natural preservatives called antioxidants which helps in preventing the random damage of aging that results largely from oxidants in the body, and lack of structured food and water, eating dead food and water.
Uncontrolled oxidants such as free radicals ‘burn up’ tissue and are the enemy of life giving enzymes, which are the
 FIRE in the boiler
In electrical terms, free radicals electrocute cells and molecules, and antioxidants short-circuit free radicals.
Equally important is to consume only high quality bread, using home milled grain, used within three days, while still nutrient and enzyme rich, and then baked.
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BUT WHY purchase your own Grain Mills to mill your own flour

Most of us are aware that our bodies are made up of 99% water and that without water, life comes to a very rapid end. However, water as we know it in our daily lives is probably quite different to what we expect it to be. Tap water contains a staggering number of contaminants and even the best natural spring water that can be purchased commercially is not free from unwelcome elements. We all rely on water to rehydrate us and maintain life, but the reality is that water can do so much more for us than our current expectations.

Here at LB Healing Products, we have been supplying mail order health products and accessories for 25 years and amongst our current catalogue you will find our range of excellent water filtration appliances that are ideally suited for day-to-day use at home or when on the move.

It is now widely acknowledged that water that has been infused with molecular hydrogen is of far greater benefit to us than ‘regular’ water and our two Ultrastream hydrogen water filters deliver this, and more, in the comfort of your own home. Hydrogen infused water has been acknowledged to boost energy levels and vitality, combat inflammation and speed recovery after a workout. With options for either a benchtop hydrogen water filter or the under sink hydrogen filter, both simple to use or install, you can have the configuration that exactly suits your needs. These filters not only add vital hydrogen molecules to your drinking water but offer one of the most advanced filtration systems, removing contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine, lead and other heavy metals, whilst also capturing over 99% of viruses and bacteria. The unique layered filtration system also adds important alkali elements such as carbon and magnesium to the water thereby negating normal acidity, with all of its inherent disadvantages, improving the alkalinity of the water and enhancing the benefits of drinking this great tasting water. In addition, these are ionising water filter that also creates hexagonal structured water, where molecules of water align in a particular fashion, which brings extra benefits in the form of boosting the immune system, increasing nutrient absorption and aiding with detoxification.

Also available for those who require a more mobile approach to drinking hydrogen infused water is our hydrogen health water bottle which when used with purified or distilled water, can produce hydrogen water in a matter of minutes. And for an even quicker hit of pure hydrogen to boost your well-being, why not try a hydrogen inhaler? Absorption of hydrogen through respiration using our inhaler occurs more far more quickly than through drinking.

Clean, hydrogen infused and hexagonal water have significant health benefits for all, and are now readily available when using our outstanding hydrogen water filters and hexagonal water makers – and all at a fraction of the cost of shop bought bottled water! Save money, improve your well-being, health and lifestyle whilst enjoying the fabulous smooth taste of hydrogen rich water – it’s a decision that you won’t regret!

Everyone understands the need to keep hydrated, especially after a period of exercise, but now more and more people are recognizing the fact that the process of hydrating with ordinary water can be significantly improved.

Today, advancements in technologies not only help us understand the benefits of hydrogen water, but also make it readily available to everyone. Hydrogen water is simply water enriched with hydrogen that can speed up your recovery after a work out whilst at the same time, reducing inflammation and increasing energy levels.

At LB Healing Products we supply a range of products that allow you to create your own hydrogen water. These high tec hydrogen water filters are designed to be portable or for installation in your home, workplace or gym. The Hydrogen Water bottle is powered by a rechargeable battery making it the ideal appliance for when you are on the move.

Alternatively, there is the option of an under sink hydrogen filter or a bench top hydrogen filter, both of which are simple to install and in comparison, to spending money on bottled water are a highly cost effective option, especially in the long term – and you are helping to reduce the use of unsustainable plastic bottles!

We also supply hydrogen inhalers, which efficiently, quietly and safely produces hydrogen which you can inhale, promoting your health, in the comfort of your own home.

When you recognize the benefits of hydrogen, and want a hydrogen health water bottle or a hydrogen water filter at home LB Healing Products will have what you need.