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Also known as “Wonder Mill De luxe Supreme” but the very same mill, but now totally upgraded, now becoming The Miracle Mill with multiple functions, all in one.
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Now includes all the extras like drill adapter, a gear drive for the auger, cleaning brush, grains deflector, interchangeable Augers, a new modified locking device for the front stone or burrs and of course the interchangeable stones to burrs.
A very practical low cost manual unit with a minimum of moving parts, that has brass bearings to enable it to be motorised. See page on motorisation.

Manual grain mills with both stones & burrs, allowing the unit to be used also for oily grains like sunflour, linseed, sesame and generally porridge meals

A very practical low cost manual unit with a minimun of moving parts, that has brass bearings to enable it to be motorised, or even driven by a slow turning juicer
Also a survival tool.   See page on motorisation.

This unit comes with both stone and burrs enabling it to mill all grains, moist and dry, either coarse or fine, using the adjustment knob. .
The unit is the perfect survival tool, manual operation for all grains, moist and dry.

It can be fixed to the side of a table or on a bench with its own clamp, or it can be bolted straight on to a flat surface with 4 bolts.
This particular model has a clamp that opens up to 60mm, very practical and unusual for most clamping systems and suited for travel as well, being so compact.

#1 The Auger has been completely redesigned to increase the output of flour per minute. With this new auger the Survival Ark will produce over 1 1/4 cups of bread flour in 1 minute (80 turns).
#2 Drill adapter which allows you to connect to an electric drill now included.
#3 The improved Auger can now produce nut butter.

#4 The Survival Ark now includes The Flour Guide in the box complete with cleaning brush.     SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFO

STORY ABOUT THE VALUE OF HOMEGROUND                   Grain Storage at Home

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 That’s the difference between burrs and a stone in manual grain mills?

Steel Burrs:
Burrs are preferred for grinding many things with your Mill that cannot be milled satisfactorily with stones due to the moisture or oil content of the material being ground. The burrs don’t rust and are made from very hard metal, so they give many years of dependable service. The burrs will grind flour, but usually not as finely as stone. The burrs work exceptionally well for grinding soybeans, corn, rice, field beans, coffee beans, seseme seeds, sunflower, linseed, millet, damp grains…. and the list goes on.

Stones are preferred for grist milling the finest flours from wheat, barely, oats and other dry grains. The milling stones are manufactured from superior quality material and unique formulation that produces as almost indestructible media, resulting in a stone you should never have to replace due to wear.

SURVIVAL ARK – Wonder Mill De Luxe (also known as Little Ark)


Hand Grain, Seed and Flour Mill Grinds All Grains (With Stainless Steel Burrs)

From Fine Flours to Coarse Cereals.

The World’s Best ‘‘ Hand Grain Mill ”



Important Safety Instructions.…………………..…..……….. pg. 1

Assembly and Cleaning.………………………………………. pg. 1

How To Grind, Using Burrs vs. Stones ……………….……. pg. 2

In Preparation for Milling Grains………………………………….pg. 2

Grain Storage at Home OR Business………………………… 5

How To Mount Your Mill.…………………………………………pg. 6

Warranty and Service……………….……………………..…… 7

Motorisation of The Survival Ark………………………………….pg. 7

Motorisation of The Survival Ark………………………………….pg. 7



The Survival Ark has been designed with detailed engineering to make it the easiest hand mill to use. It is the safest and most functional mill available.

Please consider the following:

Danger :  Never put your fingers or any body parts inside the throat of the mill or near the auger or any other moving parts. Hair and loose clothing should be pinned back. Moving parts can cause serious injury.

Danger : Although your Survival Ark can be motorized. Motorizing Greatly increases the risk of injury from bodily contact with moving parts. 

Danger :  Never allow the auger shaft to turn faster than 150 RPM. This is the perfect motorized speed for stones and burrs.

Important : The baked-on ‘powder coat’ finish on your Survival Ark will resist acids, detergents, chipping and scratching and is approved by the FDA for food contact. However, you should protect it from wear and sharp objects.

Important : Do not put ANY object other than grains, seeds, corn or beans inside the feed hopper or you may damage the auger, stones or burrs, etc.

Important: The first 500 grams or so that you grind might contain grit that is knocked off the high spots on stones burrs as they settle against each other. This is a normal part of the break in process and doesn’t harm the mill in any way.

Please discard the first batch of flour for this reason.

Hint : The Survival Ark with the stainless steel Ni-Hard burrs, makes excellent nut butters. However, the nuts must be FRESH. If even slightly stale, nuts will grind into  more of a flour consistency than butter. If your nuts cannot produce a smooth, consistent butter, try adding oil or using fresher nuts. To improve the flavor, add salt.

Hint : Some products (for example: soybeans) may be hard to grind. If the mill is too fficult to turn try pre-grinding at a coarse setting, then re-grind at a finersetting.

Hint:  Flour can cake and pack into areas of your mill. Always clean your mill thoroughly after each use. A soft bristle brush is very effective in removing build-up.



The Survival Ark comes mostly assembled. In order to use your mill you must perform the following simple steps :

1. Remove the main body of the mill from the box. Attach the double clamp to the base of the mill. Use the 4 short bolts with washers on to attach the clamp to the base of the mill. The bolts will go through the base into the threaded holes in the double clamp. Make sure the opening of the clamp faces away from the handle (See picture on front of owner’s manual). Tighten four bolts securely.

2. Handle crank is already attached to dry shaft of the mill.

3. Place Stone Burrs or Stainless Steel Ni-hard Burrs (depending on your choice) on to the front of the mill by aligning the three holes on the back of the Burrs to the three sellock pin posts on the front , DO NOT FORCE the Burrs onto the mill.

4. Place the washer onto the threaded adjustment knob and then carefully screw the threaded bolt into the auger. Hand tighten. This knob is used to adjust the fine to coarse settings.

5. As you have the double clamp on your Survival Ark, it will simply mount to a counter or table. You are now ready to use your mill.



Unlike most other mills, every part of the Survival Ark (except the grinding Burrs) is either rust proof or plated to resist rust. You can clean the mill any time by hand washing in soapy warm water. Always rinse well and dry thoroughly.

DO NOT put your mill in the dishwasher. In most cases it is good enough to limit cleaning to a careful dusting with a stiff brush.

1. Start by selecting the correct grinding Burrs. Your mill came equipped with Stone grinding Burrs and Staiinless Steel Ni-Hard Burrs.


Stone Burrs : These provide the finest stone ground flour. They are best for producing pastry quality fine flour from wheat, corn, rye, oats and other

DRY grains. If any oil or high moisture is present in the grains being ground they may load up, glaze over, and plug up. If this happens you can remove the glaze by running rice through on a rough grind. Never use soap or water and never use a wire brush, so there is no permanent harm done as rice will gently remove the glaze. Glazing is a indication that you may need to use the Stainless Steel Ni-Hard Burrs.


Stainless Steel Ni-Hard Burrs : These are more versatile than Stone Burrs.

Stainless Steel Burrs grind anything that Stone Burrs do PLUS they can grind oily seeds like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, linseed, soybeans, lupens, peanuts, coffee beans, etc. The Stainless Steel Ni-Hard Burrs work great for making nut butters like peanut butter, etc. When done, simply wash the heads in warm soapy water and dry.



1. Remove flour adjustment knob and clean milling chamber and both stones or burrs with a suitable small dry clean brush like a toothbrush with strong bristles. When the milling chamber and both stones or burrs are all clean and free from flour or grains replace milling stones or burrs and flour adjustment knob.

2. Using only the finger strength of a 2 year-old child, tighten your adjustment knob to hold the two milling stones or burrs together in preparation for milling flour at home. Please note :  No greater finger strength is ever required to mill fine flour.

3. Either fill or part fill your grain hopper with grains and turn your manual handle. Congratulations! You are now milling SUPER FINE FLOUR at home in your own home kitchen with your Retsel Survival Ark.

Mills adjustment knob allows you to choose the degree of fineness or coarseness of the flour or cereal grist you feel or learn from personal experience is best for your bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries, deserts and or breakfast cereals made at home in your kitchen.

4. Subject to having a low grain moisture content the flourmill adjustment on the Retsel grain and seed mills have been designed to give you an almost infinite choice of degrees of flour fineness, coarseness, and or roughness. Moisture, high moisture is the dictator that will limit just how fine you may grind a particular bag of grain that you are using. Moisture content 10% or less is a recommended maximum.

5. It is easy to learn how to select a degree of fineness that is perfect for our baking needs and will at the same time give good fast flour production from the slow turning stones or burrs. Evidence that we have chosen the correct milling grind is that our mill can and will continue milling on that grind for up to 24 hours a day without any adjustments needed. Selecting the best fine flour grind will also preserve the long life of your mill and avoid glazing which may occur due to using grains with too high a moisture content for the fineness of grinding that we have selected with our adjustment knob.

6. In preparation of selection of the perfect Retsel home flourmill, flour milling grind, allow your mill to grind at a SUPER FINE FLOUR grind for a maximum time period of 5 to 10 seconds. Stop milling, turn your black adjustment knob in an anti-clockwise open up direction an eighth of an inch on the circumference of the Survival Ark mills.

Start milling again by manual hand power or electricity after a maximum milling time of 5 to 10 seconds. Stop milling, turn your black adjustment knob in an anti-clockwise open up direction of an eight of an inch on the circumference of the Survival Ark mills.

Continue this procedure of GRIND, STOP, ADJUST until you achieve a good fast production of fine ground flour which we would describe as a full curtain of flour falling freely down from in between and across the full

width of the milling stones.

The evidence you are to look for to show you that you have made adequate number of GRIND, STOP, ADJUST adjustments. Is that the milling stones will only warm up in operation to just a little more than blood temperature in their doing their important hard work of milling living grains into fresh ground living home ground grain flour.


Once you have achieved the perfect mill grinding adjustment you may stop making flour grind adjustments and mill all of your flour on that specific perfect grain flour milling grind selection. Or you may repeat this process as above again and again.Until you have achieved the exact degree of fineness, coarseness or roughness that you may require for a specific days home baking flour or cereal requirements.

7. In following our written instructions you will notice that your Retsel mill will lock itself on each new flour grind setting. This is due to the fine tolerances and trueness of the two unique milling stones, and the pressure build-up between the stones of the grains being milled into fine flour in operating your mill in accordance with our instructions.

8. At no time should you ever endeavour to adjust your mill from a coarse grind to a fine grind by trying to tighten the adjustment knob in a clockwise direction.

9. Should your flour grind be to rough or coarse for your next days baking requirements , then you should follow our instructions for cleaning your mill stones and milling chamber. And then start again from the beginning with clean stones and no grains or flour in between the stones or in the milling chamber whatsoever.  In other words, once you get started it is always possible and permissible to adjust from any degree of fineness to a coarser grind by following our instructions as above by turning the adjustment knob in an anti-clockwise direction. BUT you must NEVER try to adjust your mill from coarse to a finer

flour grind by turning the adjustment knob in a clockwise direction.

10. Glazing on milling stones in its appearance is like a shinny glass like surface. It will occur if we try to mill too high moisture content grains on too fine of a grind. To avoid the possibilities of Glazing it is essential that we choose to use grains with ten percent moisture or less than ten percent moisture content for milling fine ground flour.

11. Should glazing occur when using your milling stones this is what you will need do to remove the glazing? Mill hard grains like wheat or rice through your mill on a rough grind setting. In other words the hard grains being ground into broken bits and pieces slowly tear off the glazing. This process will not harm your mill and will not harm your milling stones. It is important to remove all traces of glazing as glazing may re-occur again next time you are milling grains if any traces of it are left behind on the milling stones. NEVER ever wash your stones or use TOOLS to remove glazing or traces of glazing as this may hurt your milling stones. Grains ground into broken bits and pieces in this process of removing glazing may be sifted from the flour and the flour used in baking and the broken pieces without the flour may be ground with normal grains next time you mill flour.



It is essential that you locate a good and reliable supplier of your wheat, rice, barley, oats, corn, millet, rye, buckwheat, etc. (All grains like these must have a low moisture content of 10% or less to be suitable for milling). All cereal grain suppliers should be prepared to guarantee the following :

1. Wheat supplied should have moisture content of 10% or less.

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