Warranty Details

Juicers (electrical) warranty as specified on product pages, usually varies from 5 years or more for all electrical juicers. Juicers (manual) warranty is 1 year or 5 years as specified on product pages.

The GrainMaster Whisper Mill has a limited LIFETIME warranty, against faulty parts and workmanship (for duration of the life of the purchaser)  Warranty covers parts and labour, and does not include misuse by user, (or other which are charged for) plus freight in both directions, which is by customer.
Servicing and Warranty is carried out in Australia by Retsel Australia in Dandenong, Vic.

US made Trifield EMR radiation detection meter, Spy Meter and Radon Meter has a 12 month warranty serviced from USA, again this warranty excludes freight costs in both directions after the first 3 months.

 Water Distillers Warranty

This particular importer who is the main supplier of all imported water distillers as being sold all over Australia, offers warranty as per product pages, being 12 months, and after the first 3 months, any warranty claim is subject to freight cost both ways being paid by the customer.

The distributor (LB Healing Products) specifies that all warranty returns must be sent back to the warehouse it was sent from, in this case Warehouse shopping PL in Brisbane, Qld, who sends product orders on our behalf and takes responsibility for warranties. 14 Lauretta Ave, Springwood, Qld 4127    (Distillers ONLY)

Other warranties as per product pages…