We have a 25 year plus history as an established mail order supplier of health products and we draw on the knowledge of our back ground in herbs, Iridology and massage therapies with the associated products involved.

We only promote the better products that we become aware of, as there are so many products available these days, some being questionable.
Our favourite appliance topics are about the Juicers and Grain Mills, enabling you to build your own good health over time.
Any form of processing is the start of nutritional and vitality loss, so by grain milling and juicing you are getting the most out of your produce before it is compromised by storage on a supermarket shelf. (see grain mills and juicers)

An apple retains its maximum energy for 15 minutes after picking, a wheat kernel retains most of its nutritional content for up to three days after milling, and this while most of the world is eating old food, then lacking in vitality and nutrition, few medical studies consider this of any importance, but know a lot about symptoms.
Can one put anything into a motor car fuel tank apart from pure high octane fuel? Life can only come from life.

We are aware of customer frustrations in delays and often difficulty in communicating with some retailers, as they never seem to answer their phone, and when an order is placed, long delays can still occur.
Our orders normally arrive within a week, and international sales between one and two weeks by airmail.
When other suppliers send on our behalf, there can be short delays beyond our control.

We are most often contactable by phone, and in most cases return your phone call within the hour, unless we are on the road, often out of mobile range.

Credit card details are fully secure within this program.

So please go into our store and discover the benefits of our fantastic selection of juicers, grain mills,  oat rollers, water distillers, portable survival water filters and other select health products all delivered from Australia.
Some products however, like Lymphacisers, can be delivered from France to most European countries.

We are able to service The US, Australia, The Pacific Region, Asia, India and Africa and Europe, in fact we have clients on all continents and can guarantee delivery to your door, as all larger parcels are insured.

Please inspect goods carefully on delivery, as damage claims can only be accepted at that point.
(We cannot accept credit card transactions from most African countries, bank transfer please, see ORDERS)

Our products, in addition to the usual legal requirements, are in most cases covered by extended warranties
(as specified on product pages)
Please feel free to contact us if there is any other information you might require or ideas you want to share with us and other health conscious folk around the world.
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