Why Mill Grain into Flour


Milling your own flour allows you to ensure that you are taking in the maximum amount of fibre and nutrition in your home milled flour, how else can we get quality bread in Australia?

Why Mill Grain

Commercially milled flour lacks fibre and  nutrition, and  has no bran, according to Denis Burkitt, in his book,  “Don’t Forget Fibre in your Diet”, and suggests that the western world has a serious constipation problem leading on to many other ailments of the body.
He further explains how most common western diseases are related to a lack of bulk in the diet, mainly due to modern milling procedures which remove the
bran and the nutritious germ from the wheat kernal.

Burkitt shows the contrast between Western and African diets, appendicitis and major colon diseases are almost totally absent in primitive African regions.
The conclusion being that these colon blockages and build ups, that occur in every one on a standard western diet, can bring about serious health conditions.

According to Richard Anderson, N.D., N.M.D. mucoid plaque is a serious condition affecting close to all people that eat processed food worldwide. T.Schumacher also writes about it in her book, “Cleansing the Body and the Colon” listed on this site.

This condition can be treated with Fiberblend along with Barley Green, as a nutritional support and can be purchased retail or wholesale, see COLON CLEANSE in category list.