Samson and Lexsun Juicer Parts


The standard Samson Juicer parts are again now being brought in by our importer, (but in short supply) as well as the LEXSUN model – the upgrade of the Samson, so up till now, the only way was to upgrade to LexSun which required a new locking collar as well as the whole assembly which is $220 to $275 depending on the auger type selected.  Order Samson and Lexsun parts by phone. 0263 733 419    (very low on juicing cones)

Option 2 is to purchase a whole assembly called the Vegie Juicer complete with locking ring for $99, this assembly is only sold complete, but without mincing cone, and only limited quantities are available.
Some Samson parts are interchangeable with this assembly, so a Samson mincing cone could be used.
Order Vegie Juicer assembly: Order by phone. 

For more details on the selection of Samson and Lexsun juicer parts : Lexsun Juicer parts
Samson and Lexsun parts are same price and made from new tough ULTEM polycarbonate.







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