Grain crackers and grain mills for small or large farms, to release nutrients and vitality to your stock, while at the same time saving money by doing your own milling or cracking.

Grain Mill, model INDUSTRY


The Industry Grain Mill is a high capacity version of the range, suited to the professional miller, or a larger family baking often daily or even a small shop supplying baked goods daily, turning out 14 kg per hour.

The Industry grain mill stone diameter is 150 mm, that can produce 240 grams per minute of wholesome high quality flour, at a whopping 900 watts, being an Industrial type motor, while the stone mill weighs in at 24 kg.

Many bakeries and small shops compromise the quality of the flour by not using freshly milled flour still intact with all its nutrients, which includes the germ, bran and endosperm, so freshly milled flour speaks for itself as a promotional tool.


Commercial Stone Mill


Commercial Stone Mill: makes wholemeal flour and wholemeal grist, combining modern art with the excellent technology and workmanship of mills made in Austria
The commercial stone mill has a milling stone of 30 cm in diameter and the stone adjustment is infinitely variable, and can produce 25 kg of flour per hour for say 10 hours per day.

This commercial stone mill Model No GM30 has a industrial motor with overheating protection.



Grain Cracker Bravo (For hardest grains)



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Grain cracker model Bravo – is the toughest of the lot with a larger motor and hardened steel hammers, which have proven to be very durable and ideal for lupins.
While they can be replaced, it is rare to do so, there is also the option of making your own hammers out of a hardened steel, after being shaped they can be inserted into the flexible holders, making this unit an excellent choice for that farm many kilometre away from mechanical supplies.
The sieves are also durable, but can be replaced after long term use.

In the case of the finer flour for bread making, a 1mm sieve (supplied) is recommended,
slowing it down to 50 kg per hour. (Optional extra at $55)
Or use the 1 1/2 mm sieve for Polenta, being slightly less fine, but increasing production volume a little.

The system will not add total freight for this item, so please note we will add an amount of $110 manually, for basic freight for the whole of Australia (Your price plus added freight)


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