Structured Water

THE QUALITY OF WATER – Structured water or not?
‘Includes some extracts of research by Professor Gerald Pollack, Bio Chemist Walter Last, Dr Mu Shik Jhon and researcher George Wiseman’

This is a much discussed and passionately debated subject, similar to religion, one side insists that the purest water is distilled water, while another insists that distilled water is unstructured dead water, and that it must have an electrical charge pass through it to structure it, creating some thing closer to hexagonal water.

And so water alkalisers/Ionizers were born as an alternative choice.

Both parties quote all sorts of specifications to justify their particular standpoint, but rather then believe one side or another, I think it is important to keep it simple,  back to common sense and practical and obvious conclusions which are:

According to experiments with different types of water, used  on watering different plants, the results were this, distilled water had the worst result, and the Ionized structured water was quite good, while the fully hexagonal water proved the most beneficial to the plant. Do we believe opinions or the plants, you decide?

The fully hexagonal water was created by bubbling browns gas through it, to enhance it further, giving it far superior qualities in health and healing ability according to the many testimonials.
Further more, what hydrates the body? To hydrate the body and keep it young and healthy, it needs structured hexagonal water as found in the cells of the body, and this also means that it must have an antioxidant effect on the body, meaning the water must be able to donate electrons, and to do this, it must have an ORP reading in the minus range, which water Ionizers can achieve meaning this type of water assists the body. Most standard water purification systems are based only on cleaning water, not on the ORP reading at the end result.
Anybody can prove the same, with an ORP meter, which can measure if a liquid is an antioxidant or oxidant, the first will donate electrons to the body, the other will remove them and compromise the body further.
The Ultrastream non electric Ionizer,  gives a reading of -300 to – 500 mv (measured in millivolts) as described at that link.
However, some may prefer to do additional juicing of fresh vegetables and fruits which would give a negative ORP, in that case the best would be to pick your own home grown fresh fruits and vegetables, while still full of vitality.

From this stand point, there is little good quality water available as nearly all fail this criteria, including all bottled spring water and even Fiji water according to research.
The body needs high energy food and drinking water, with a life force still intact, for example, pick an apple off a tree, it will give an ORP reading in the minus range, full of vitality, test that apple one hour later and this vitality is gone! Water can be alkaline and still have an unhealthy ORB reading in the positive range, for example adding bicarb to water makes it more alkaline, but does not improve the electron count (ORP) so artificially changing the pH is not always the answer. But a very rough rule of thumb is this, in most cases, the more alkaline, the better the ORP reading.

So why not get as close as possible to that fresh apple just picked off the tree? This is achieved if the ORP of your water is anywhere between minus 150 to 800, while most water will be a similar range, but in the positive 150 – 800, being an oxidant and it then will steal electrons instead of giving them to the body. This is aging the body not hydrating it.
Old age is the process of dehydrating, when we really should be hydrating. Live food and water hydrates and energises the body, what else can, certainly not dead food and water? After all – Life can only come from Life!

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