Oralmat horses

Mervyn Williamson Pty Ltd – Veterinary Surgeons Warwick Farm, Sydney

10 Standardbreds treated at C.L. post viral cough. All have stopped coughing after course. No previous or concurrent treatment given.

  • 10 Standardbreds treat at H.L.
  • 3 courses. Scoped clear of pus on Prachea as far as bifurcation to each lung. Has had various prior treatments. Was bleeding from lung.
  • Scoped clean after course, although still had elevated monocytes on blood test.
  • Scoped clear after course. Subsequently showed liver infection common sequaclae to viral infection.
  • Scoped clear after course. Sacked as poor performer although obviously recovered from respiratory problem. Very small heart score.
  • Definitely improved respiratory tract when scoped. Spelled as immature 2 yo still with slight nasal discharge. Would have preferred to give second bottle.
  • Coughing. Course cleared cough.
  • Still on treatment.
  • Thoroughbred treated with sulpha drugs, Antibiotics, Itz Magic and Immune stimulants. Recurrent cough and persistently low white cell count. On one course of drops WCC lifted to normal levels. Cough cleared but returned at end of treatment. Swab ++ve for staphlycoccal infection. Treated with Gentomycin.
  • Cough responded. WCC dropped again. Ran 3rd at Newcastle, maiden, first glimpse of form 12 months.
  • Top mare (TB) last season won 8 races on end. New seasons form poor, course of drops. Mare won on Melbourne Cup Day.
  • Poor coat and appearance.
    Nodular Lymphoid Hyperplasia on scoping. Course of drops and Itz magic. Scoped clear. Twice placed in Melbourne Cup Carnival with impressive runs.
  • Long history of throat infections which involve different bacteria each time always has low Immune Globulins and low white cell count. Course of drops with Itz Magic.
    Throat infection cleared and have not recurred. Immune Globulins and WCC lifted. Ran 2nd and won.
  • Since scoped again Nodular Lymphoid Hyperplasia returned. Itz Magic and drops repeated. Scoped clear. Racing in a week.

Dosage Instructions as recommended by suppliers:
Apply 2 ml orally morning and night, 1 hour before or after feeding. An easy way of applying Oralmat is with the casing of a hypodermic syringe. Alternatively, 2 ml applied orally, once a day, 1 hour before or after eating and drinking.


Australian Racing Laboratory Pty Ltd

  • Oralmat Drops marketed by Schumacher Pharmaceuticals is an extract (herbal) from Secale Cerhale which by analysis produces mass spectral data consistent with Glucopyranoside / Mannitol / Altritol compounds. These compounds are widespread in plants and plant exudates and their use in pharmacy includes excipients and diluents for solids and liquids. The solution base appears to be Glycero based.
  • Mass spectral data suggests these compounds would be metabolised rapidly in vivo and produce no screenable products on excretion.