Whisper Mill and Wonder Mill Difference

Now there has been some confusion over the difference between the two, often with unintentional misleading information on USA web sites, which relate only to the 120 volt US Whisper Mills as marketed in the USA.

However while there was an issue with the motor on older American Whisper mills, which are now replaced in America with Wonder Mills and that now have the far better LG motor to drive them.

But our Whisper Mills in Australia, being 240 volts, have always had the better quality LG motors, so the Australian models have never had any issues with the motor, and both models, Whispermills and Wondermills have the same motor.

However there is a small difference between the two, the Whisper mill is white with green top, while the Wonder Mill is grey in colour.
And from the point of view from repairers, when a unit is abused in some way, the Whisper Mill is a little easier to repair, and also makes just a tad less noise.

But there is limited stock left of the Whisper Mill, and after they are gone, we will only have Wonder Mills.
so both models in Australia have the same motor, and customers have the choice of either model.

Both mill the finest flour, the settings for flour are from medium fine to very fine, not often found in mills of any type.