Sprouts – Isabell Shipard

“This book is the best reference I have read for live food, through the easy, convenient production of sprouts, which are  possibly the ultimate
compact health food.

The information  Isabell has researched is always extremely detailed and very  accurate and this book is a must for anyone wanting to improve
their health and vitality with live sprouts.”

Geoff Lawton
The Permaculture Research Institute
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Conquer disease with eight keys to health, beauty and peace.
This book covers the greatest health discovery since the beginning of man, which is, if the blood proteins cannot be removed from the space around the cells by the lymphatic system, they can cause our death within a few hours.
Life and death are both part of the blood stream. The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells, but certain conditions will “trap” the blood proteins around the cells, block the circulation, upset  the chemical balance in the cells, and produce the conditions that cause pain, loss of energy, viral infections, bacterial infections, allergies, parasites, heart disease, cancer, obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, polio, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerrrosis, arthritis, and the other crippling and killer diseases, and also what man must do to prevent, and if possible reverse these conditions.  Or we can put it in another way, health is simply the condition of the trillions of cells in our body, how many are switched on and how many are switched off?

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