Mega Hydrate 60

Mega-H (Microhydrin) 60 capsules
The priomordial antioxidant! Mega Hydrate consists of tiny molecular cages, five nanometers in diameter, made from a silica-mineral hydride complex with embedded H- ions.
Mega Hydrate is a potent anti oxidant and as such can be very beneficial to assist in a wide range of conditions
Once inside the body, it releases H- ions that are the most powerful known antioxidants; increases ATP production (energy); and assists in many adverse conditions which relate to oxidants in the body.
As a dietary supplement, Mega H Silica Hydride provides powerful hydrogen ions (hydrides), that scavenges free radicals, including hydroxyl, peroxide, superoxide and singlet oxygen radical species. Additionally Mega H has demonstrated the ability to increase internal cellular energy (ATP and NADH) and metabolic activity.


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How to minimise free radical damage to the body as an extension to home milled grain, juices and Spirulina.
According to research scientist Patrick Flanagan, one capsule equals numerous glasses of freshly squeezed organic orange juice in electron count!
Hydrogen Protons create acidic foods, these are found in large numbers in cooked food, old food and many canned and bottled products, even often some brands of spring water. The availablity of negatively charged hydrogen ions are found in all live food and juices that have most likely not been processed. When food has been freshly picked or juices freshly sqeezed, they will have the maximun amount of negatively charged hydrogen ions or electrons present which of cause will counteract free radical damage in the body and assist in keeping us  young, high levels of free radicals are a major cause of aging, as well as many acute and chronic diseases.
Mega Hydrate consists of microscopic mineral colloids with a negative charge, food grade water soluble silica as the basic  structure, and small amounts of fatty acids, magnesium, and potassium, being essential nutrients found in many foods.
Increasing negative hydrogen in the body fluids by the intake of foods or supplements high in electrons, must move those fluids towards a healthy electron count and a ph in a range consistant with good health, and so Mega Hydrate remains one important formulation and is sold all over the world. 

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